Our Studio

Welcome to Para Studio, home to everything about Fashion & Sportswear Trend & Design consultancy in Berlin

We provide bespoke solutions to help new brands craving to launch their fashion or sportswear collections into the market and existing brands seeking to spread their tentacles further.

We help brands, small and big, with everything from apparel design, development to manufacturing. We will help you in strategy formulation and implementation. And, we will be there to offer consultancy on your sustainability implementation strategy. Our Berlin team is composed of people from different backgrounds and with different multicultural backgrounds. The diversity of our team enables us to meet the various needs of our clients -wherever they are.

Our extensive production experience enables us to easily navigate through the complex factory and fabric dealer options to enable you to work with the very best and produce quality products.

Further, we understand the importance of faster manufacturing processes; that is why we offer apparel design consultancy to our clients to prepare them for digitalisation in their processes.

Our 3D apparel design is meant to provide stunning presentations for retailers, buyers, or even customers. It will also help in saving time and reducing costs in the development and bulk production phase

We also help you to invest in environmentally sustainable supply chains that will help you manage any risk of disruptions which may negatively affect your entire sourcing cycle.


Nice Greetings,

I am the founder of the design & consulting agency Para Studio.

I have worked for ADIDAS and Hugo Boss for many years, where I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of how to meet the requirements of different markets and diversify their own product portfolios in order to create higher growth potential for the company.

My design philosophy is based on these 3 key values: diversity, sustainability and performance. Using these values, I design and develop garments that balance branding and functionality while meeting the needs of businesses, consumers and athletes.