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Supporting our clients to reach their goals.


Based on our extensive experience…

…in apparel design consultancy, we have established a personal network of senior management and owners that constitutes several market leaders in the industry.
We focus on core areas strategy, process and organisation, and all stages of product value chain.

We have a team of experienced consultants who provide objective advice to our clients’ and pursues our customers’ goals of growth maximisation and sustained value enhancement with sector-specific knowledge and expertise.

We lay a lot of emphasis on implementation-our unique data pool enables us to instantly recognize the most current trends in fashion sportswear and manufacturing and thereby we are able to be trendsetters.
Are you looking for a strategy that will make you a trendsetter in the apparel industry?

Para Studio will help you in your endeavour.


Fashion industries need industry…

…technology to be more relevant and precise in meeting the evolving needs of their digitally savvy consumers. Increasingly, at the core of design development, marketing, brand engagement, transaction and relationship, digital is an overarching theme; is very crucial for the success of any apparel manufacturer.

As an apparel design consultancy in Berlin, we provide brands with ‘that’ chance to reimagine and reinvent their digital world. We create and rebuild connections with customers, suppliers through inventing and developing new digital platforms of engagement that will ultimately result in increased business performance.

In everything that we do, we are guided by digital transformation. We strive to affect positive change in how businesses operate and how they interact with customers.
Do you want to digitalise your manufacturing and other processes? Don’t worry, you have the right partner tin Para Studio steer you through the conundrum.
Contact us and let us help you.


We understand the importance…

…of a sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry, especially on the environment. We, therefore, provide organizations with the tools and expertise that they require to effectively manage their environmental impact.

Our Apparel design consultancy specialises in helping under-resourced organizations in implementing sustainable solutions commonly reserved for large multinationals.
We will help you identify your core environmental impacts, create a sustainability plan that aligns to your triple bottom line, create your company’s sustainability report to share on your commitment to sustainable sourcing, green your supply chain, and optimise on your product lifecycle.

Need some advice on sustainable sourcing? Why not contact Para Studio? We have the experience to help you devise a sustainability strategy.